Custom brownies

Send a message to your loved ones!

Make the day special with a brownie with a custom inscription! Provide your own message and choose from a selection of silky sauces to accompany the unique brownie.

The foundation of the dessert is a dense, gooey, real brownie designed for the most devoted chocolate lovers. The rich flavor of cocoa and the silky texture together create the perfect brownie. On top of the dough, there is a thin, perfect crispy layer coated with Belgian chocolate.


Optional Inscription - Where sweetness meets uniqueness

Let the brownie speak for you! Provide a custom message or choose from the provided inscriptions for the top of the brownie. Whether it's a birthday greeting, a message to your loved one, or a creatively humorous note, you can personalize the experience. The Custom Inscription Brownie is an ideal choice for any festive occasion or simply to crown sweet moments.

You can choose two delightful sauces to accompany the brownie. Choose your favorite: chocolate, caramel, or raspberry.


IMPORTANT: Write your text in the comments!



  • Large Brownie: 20x20, 1kg - Maximum of 4 lines of text, 10 letters per line.
    Small Brownie: 15x15, 650g - Maximum of 3 lines of text, 8 letters per line.


Quality Ingredients, Unique Flavors

The brownie is made only from the finest ingredients, including quality butter, fresh eggs, and premium Belgian chocolate.

The brownies are not only delicious but also coated with fine Belgian chocolate, and the handmade decoration makes them truly special.


Flavor Options:

  • Brownie - Unrivaled cocoa, deep chocolate flavor, as written in the Great Book.
  • Blondie - White chocolate-based, soft brownie with vanilla notes.
  • Caramel - Sweet and rich, chocolate and caramel melt delicately into each other. Available with both brownie and blondie bases.
  • Raspberry - This raspberry brownie is a fantastic combination of creamy chocolate and the fresh taste of raspberries, simply heavenly. Available with both brownie and blondie bases.
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