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We don't pay enough attention to our own thoughts, and it's time to put an end to that! The 'My Thoughts' notebook reminds us every day to focus inward, not just on the clamor of the external world. When there's not enough time to gather our thoughts, we can jot them down on the notebook as bullet points or even in a simple sentence.

Active note-taking is much more than compiling a to-do list or recording important information. It's essentially a tool to communicate with yourself, to listen to your thoughts, and to treat yourself kindly.

  • Note-taking provides an opportunity to record your thoughts and feelings, what occupies your mind at the moment. You might have an exciting, motivating idea, or you might be facing a problem. Through note-taking, you can gain clarity and better understand yourself. When...
  • write down your thoughts, you engage in an internal dialogue with yourself. It makes it easier to confront what's on your mind and find solutions. It can act as a form of therapy, allowing you to have a liberating conversation with yourself.
  • start making notes, add a few kind words, no matter how difficult or complex your topic may be. In these moments, you can create an intimate moment where you approach yourself gently and lovingly. It strengthens your self-confidence and emotional balance.
  • write joyful or positive thoughts in your notes, it can lift your mood. You can show yourself how strong you are and how much positivity resides within you. Recognizing your own successes and happiness reinforces your self-confidence and motivates you for the next step. Note-taking is not just a task; it's a tool for self-reflection and building a connection with yourself. It helps you understand yourself, improve your self-confidence, and experience control over your life. Take some time for yourself with these notes, and you'll see how much positive change they bring to your life! Additionally, you can always embellish the pages with simple doodles, making it handy for your creative needs.

The notebook consists of 50 pages.

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