Korean bento cakes

Tiny cake, big surprise

Are you looking for a fun, intimate, and delicious way to celebrate?

Bento or lunch-box cakes are beautiful, minimalist, and small: 8-10 cm in size, averaging 300-350 grams of delightful treats. These cakes are perfect for two people, but they are easily enjoyable on your own.

Recommended for occasions such as:

  • Marriage proposal
  • Intimate gender reveal
  • Girls' night
  • Bachelorette party
  • Birthday
  • Anniversary
  • An ordinary day
  • Graduation

Customizable: Choose a flavor and provide a personal message!

Flavor options:

Discover various variations of soft sponge cake and rich mascarpone filling:

  • White chocolate-raspberry/strawberry/blueberry
  • Chocolate-strawberry/raspberry/blueberry
  • Lime-coconut
  • Strawberry-coconut
  • Vanilla
  • Lemon
  • Maxi King

Custom decoration:

We make each small cake with love, and custom decoration makes it even more personal. Whether it's a birthday/nameday greeting, congratulations, or just a sweet message to your loved ones, Pici Cake is a great choice for every occasion. With its cute design and rich, airy flavor, it's a sweet way to wish your favorite person a happy birthday/anniversary/nameday.

When finalizing your order, please provide the following information in the "Notes" section (the very last step of the ordering process):

  • Cake color palette (up to 3 colors): Provide your own color palette to perfectly match the cake to the occasion. Any shade or combination is possible, the decision is yours!
  • Cake inscription (up to 25 characters): Write your personal message that you would like to see on the cake.

Every Korean Bento Cake receives special attention and is prepared based on your unique requests. However, it's important to note that the cakes are crafted in the PiciCake style beyond individual requests, so please trust us with your preferences.

Our little ones are freshly made on-site in our humble but magical kitchen, using quality ingredients.*

*The products contain lactose, gluten, and eggs.

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